Tableau Certification

The pilot of our certification projects, the Tableau Certification project provides an opportunity for students to become proficient with, and earn an official certification in, Tableau.

How does the certification work?

Students study together for 1-2 hours a week over 5 weeks, where they learn the program through online learning. After those 5 weeks, they will individually take Tableau's certification exam.

The course is $15, and the exam comes with an $80 fee.

Having an official certification helps students stand out to employers by providing proof of proficiency in a program. 

Tableau is the industry standard data visualization tool used in Business Intelligence. Recently bought by Salesforce, it helps simplify raw data into easily understandable charts and graphs.

What is Tableau?

Sign-ups are closed at this time. Check back later for more opportunities!

Tableau Resources:

 Connecting to &

Preparing Data

Exploring &

Analyzing Data



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